The dudes behind the garden

Mark and Mike started VEG in San Diego, CA initially as a hobby. They both believe in making things simple and elegant and wanted a garden that was both of these. 8 years ago they set out to build their first vertical garden and have since built their patented design for chefs, restaurants, hotels, homeowners and hobbyists alike. The duo went through the CleanTech Open startup accelerator in Silicon Valley to improve upon their initial garden design and bring it to the masses. Today, Mike fabricates our gardens while Mark heads up customer support and community.


The first garden

Our first garden was built from scrap PVC and old 4x4's we found around Mike's family's landscape construction yard. It was a garden that wasn't particularly pretty or well done but it was the result of a simple sketch on a whiteboard and our passion to build something all our own. We initially grew snap peas out of the first test garden and got more and more confidence, growing larger veggies like tomatoes, eggplants and even watermelon. It was where we started our journey.

Today we have installed thousands of gardens and have gardens growing in more than 15 countries around the world. From that one garden we hope to inspire even more people to grow their own.



Ray Cronise — Former NASA scientist and plant based diet researcher and author. Ray has provided his veggie insight and helped spread the VEG love.

Plant Based Nutrition for Idiots

Anderson's La Costa Nursery — The first location we had a public garden. The location provides premium starter plants and is a favorite location to browse veggies for a VEG Hub.

CleanTech Open — Where we took our hobby and created a way to get in the hands of thousands of people all over the globe.


urban growing

In the concrete jungles that exist in Southern California, farms and farmers have been steadily pushed further to the outskirts of regions and placed higher demand on the Central Valley and Coachella growing valley. These areas are under extra pressure during seasons where rainfall is not plentiful and summer temperatures regularly reach over 100 degrees. Beginning to reclaim some of the urban areas by growing veggies closer to home helps reduce dependence on centralized agriculture. Grow just a few things at home and have a huge impact on the broader environment.


beyond southern ca

Initially we could only fabricate and install gardens for San Diego residents because of proximity. Now we are able to offer our DIY plans internationally and our DIY kits domestically. Eventually we will begin offering full installations to other cities. Email us if you'd like us to come to your city next.


Ready to grow?