how much sun do i need?

You need a minimum of 4 hours of direct sunlight. Veggies are very productive and need lots of sunlight to grow properly. As a general rule, the more sunlight the better. Yes, they can be in sunlight all day.

Does the garden need to be outdoors?

Yes. In order to get the maximum amount of sunlight needed you will need to have your garden outside. For the adventurous type, you can purchase grow lights and grow inside. Keep in mind veggies grow and die within 4 months, so your garden will look like a vegetable garden in various stages of growth and death.


How do you keep bugs off of it?

Just like any outdoor garden, your hub will be susceptible to bugs. The most common bugs we get are tomato hornworms and aphids. We personally use organic BT spray and neem oil spray. It is readily available on Amazon.


How does hydroponics work?

Plant roots absorb their nutrition through nutrients dissolved in water rather than waiting to absorb nutrients from the soil. The result is faster growing plants, less water consumed and ultimately less work.

What nutrients do you use?

We use 1-part nutrient solution that provides the plants with all of the minerals it needs to grow. You can use any variety of hydroponic nutrient solutions available (there are a lot). Keep things simple...that's our method.

Do you adjust ph of the water?

We do not. Depending on your nutrients you are using, most do not make you test and adjust your PH. We have been growing for over 8 years and haven't adjusted our PH once. Trust us, tap water works just fine for veggies.

Can you grow non-veggie plants in your garden?

Yes. We focus on produce but have had customers use our garden design for non-veggie plants with great results. Pick a good nutrient program and follow local laws.

Is it organic?

How we define organic

There are a lot of definitions for what makes something organic which makes this a complicated question to answer. For this reason we keep our answer simple... we define organic based on what type of bug spray you use to control pests and herbicides you use for fungus. These pesticides and sprays add direct residue to your veggies, so it is important to know what you are spraying and what you can potentially be consuming. We only recommend using BT spray, neem oil and other organically certified sprays. Things to look out for are roundup products, Miracle Gro products and Bayer sprays.


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